Vaizle Review – $69 Appsumo Lifetime Deal

VAIZLE is a cloud-based social media analysis and reporting tool for those who need actionable insights in the simplest possible way when benchmarked against its competitors. We have challenged the status quo by the way of designing its algorithms in a way that enabled.

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Vaizle Review

Buy Here Vaizle Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $69

When you talk about social media analytics, all you get is pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. And to make sense of it and deduce insights, it takes a lot. That not only makes social media analysis time consuming but also complex. We wanted social media analysis to be simple—something that not only displayed data but also delivered actionable insights.

Industry reports VAIZLE doesn’t come alone. When you hire VAIZLE as your social media analyst, it brings along periodic social media industry reports worth thousands of dollars.

Content analysis Know which content type is working for you and your competitors and on which social channel. See whether YouTube or Facebook is suitable for your business to post video content.

Vaizle Features

  • Social Media Integration
  • Analytics
  • Analytical Reports
  • Data Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Brand Tracking
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Follower Analysis
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Engagement Tracking

Vaizle Review

Pros: Super useful if you are looking for in-depth analytics and reporting! Competitor tool is great as well. This tool is a must for improving your social profiles (yours and/or your clients´). It saves you so much time and it is really easy to get running. No more struggling and putting pieces together from complex FB reports.

Cons: Was a little disappointed how quickly you get through the 25 profiles, track a couple of competitors and if you enter all their social media you have used up a good chunk. For an agency, you would have to get a bigger plan. But looks like a good deal at the moment. With that being said, it’s clear this is a new product and is still a work in progress. It shows a lot of very promising signs, particularly in the “Smart Insights” tab.

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