RelayThat Review – $49 Appsumo Lifetime Deal


Having blogged since 2002 on my Blogspot account, I find having the right featured image is a differentiator on how well my blog post fares. In the age of social media where web standards like Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards means that having a featured image will get your blog post featured more prominently on various social networks, I can’t stress how important branded featured images are.

Clivk Here to Buy RelayThat Lifetime Deal at $49


Buy Here RelayThat Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $49

RelayThat is a tool that instantly generate thousands of beautiful and usable images with a click. Unlike other design tools, where you need to manually drag-and-drop your own designs (and make some bad design decisions) or pay for some of the prettier designs (like Canva), RelayThat does all that for you.

The best thing is, RelayThat is now back for an amazing lifetime price of only $49. Not $299 or $499, but $49.


I like RelayThat due to the gorgeous, designer pre-approved designs that pops up at the click of a button. Like instant noodles, all I need to do is to add my logos, photos and wording. Plus if I feel a little creative, I could change the colours and fonts to suit my needs.


While RelayThat might seem the answer to all our image design needs, it really isn’t. There are limited layouts for each size and we are not allowed to use custom sizes. So while some of you might like the layouts, the others might not.


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