Publist review – Best Lifetime PitchGround Deal Ever

Publist, a new cloud storage tool has been launched this week on PitchGround SAAS deal website. PitchGround is an emerging platform that brings great deals for Entrepreneurs and Small business. AppSumo remains the industry King for many years and helped lot of Entrepreneurs as well as new startup companies to promote their SAAS to the targeted audience. PitchGround, founded by Udit Goenka is doing the same, the team is bringing fantabulous deals to the Internet Marketers.

Publist review

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Publist Review

Publist is an interesting deal and PitchGround nailed AppSumo for this August with this awesome tool.

What is Publist?

This is a website similar to Google Drive, pCloud like Online storage platform with loads of features. The most interesting feature is, this tool can integrate all you other online storage platforms like Amazon AWS, Google Drive, Gmail, Evernote, Notion, Slack, and tons of other integrations are in their queue.

The company is offering lifetime deal with 500 GB of cloud storage for just $49 for a limited time.

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Why do you trust Publist?

The question comes when people see recurring billing stuffs for one-time payment, as many SAAS providers in the past failed to deliver what they promised for. But Publist is completely different here. The startup is VC backed, so no need to worry about the future of Publist. Also, companies like Mozilla, Oracle are using Publist for their cloud storage.

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What is Publist Pricing?

Publist at the moment offers lifetime deal for 500 GB cloud storage for just $49. They also offers various plans like 2 TB, 6 TB, and upto 12 TB. For a limited time, they offer additional 500 GB for the users who purchase 2 TB and above.

To grab this lifetime deal, visit PitchGround and purchase this as soon as possible as deals like this usually don’t last long time.

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P.S: If you purchase Publist deal via our website and affiliate link, contact us via chat or contact form to grab an awesome bonus course.

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