How to Make Money with Facebook Groups – Part 2

Make money with Facebook Group
Facebook Group money method

This is the second part of How to make money with Facebook Group. This involves creating video and promoting via FB Groups.

Make money with Facebook Group
Facebook Group money method

Following are the steps involved in this process,

1. Create a video post on your Facebook page
2. Hide the post from the group (we only want to collect an audience of people in groups who watched your video)
3. Share it into the group (respond to comments to increase engagement)
4. Create a custom audience on Facebook of people who viewed the video
5. Retarget video viewers with your offer = Profit $$$

You can potentially find a popular niche related video and upload it on your page, hide it and start sharing the post in groups.

So both the methods are basically playing carefully with Facebook ads. Test two different objectives:

1. Reach or/and Video Views
2. Website conversions but optimize for impressions

Running ads will be cheap because this is YOUR custom audience, gathered completely by you 🙂


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