How to Make Money with Facebook Groups – Part 1

Facebook is one of the best Social media platform to reach target audience and to promote our products and affiliate products. Facebook Ads offers many benefits for business owners and product promoters. One such great feature is promoting ads to the Facebook groups which is a limited option and only available on specific Facebook ad accounts.

Even if one don’t have Facebook ad account with Group targeting feature, we can still target the group and make money easily promoting our product. This is not a top secret, just collect Facebook pixel data from Facebook groups and promote your business to this audience.

Make money with Facebook Group
Facebook Group money method

This is one of the easiest way than compared to scraping emails and blasting or importing IDs and risk account ban.

Make Money with Facebook Group

Here are list of steps to be followed to make money with Facebook Groups,

Step 1: Find and join as many groups as possible related to your niche.

Step 2: Find content that you are sure your audience will like from big reputable websites (this is very important!). This way everyone knows the site, it won’t look spammy, and you will avoid getting banned. The best that works are ‘How to XYZ’ guides.

Step 3: Shorten the link from a popular site and capture everyone who clicked
You need a URL shortener/link retargeting tool like PixelMe, Rocketlink, or Sniply to capture and retarget everyone who clicked on the link. These tools cost around $20/month but worth every penny.

Facebook pixel → URL shortener → OnClick they get redirected to the popular site + pixeled

Step 4: You can set up ads and retarget them right away = Profit $$$.

Bonus Step: It helps if you mention the site you are sharing in the text (Hi, I’m new to the group. I found this guide from ‘popular niche website’ about XYZ to be very helpful with XYZ).

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