Guided Tour of Ayers Rock/Uluru

If you’re wanting to get to the heart of the outback, you need to visit the landmark known as Ayers Rock. Uluru, as it is called by the natives, is one of the biggest landmarks in all of Australia, and numerous travel groups and people have been flocking together to visit it every year for decades. There are numerous options available when you choose guided tours, all the way from 3 days, to 10 days, but if you play your cards right, you can even talk to the best guided tour companies to have an even longer stay.

The Best Bus Adventures

By utilizing the Greyhound bus lines, some tours are able to provide even better tours than others, for an extremely low price. There are other agencies out there other than the one we’ll tell you about later that have options like 4 Wheel Drive tours, and these aren’t as environmentally friendly as the tours that are by bus.

Uluru Rock Tour
Uluru Rock Tour

What Are the Wonders of Ayers Rock/Uluru?

When it comes to the ancient writings, you can find a lot of Tjukurpa stories written on the cave walls at the Kata Tjuta (also known as the Olgas), and even see amazing sights like the amazing Field of Light. Not only that, but one of the natural wonders of Uluru is that the landmark itself is never the same color each day. Every day, the climate and atmosphere changes slightly, so it’s never the same shade. Not only that, but even the weather and sunlight (or lack of) changes the hue so you can guarantee that no matter when you go, it will be a slightly different experience every time.

Why is Ayers Rock Also Known as Uluru?

Originally, the local Aboriginal tribes of the area called this land the Big Pebble in their native tongue and believe this is sacred ground. Later on, supposedly centuries later, the settlers that came in saw the red sandstone landmark and in 1993 it was dubbed Ayers Rock after the settler that found the land. There were many travelers that went to the land, and even though the natives constantly asked people to respect and not climb the sacred place, and yet tourists continued to, many getting injured by the dangerous terrain which is made of sand and limestone. Not only that, but there are many people each year who get hurt, or lost because they choose to go to the area alone. So, what should you do?

The Benefits of Guided Tours

With a guided tour, you can get a chance to see all of the sights by booking a 5-day guided tour that allows you to go from Alice Springs, and then take the Rock Tour for the next three days, offering a unique camping experience. And the greatest things are that you can use the Greyhound bus lines in order to get there.


The Uluru Rock Tours is the best way to get to the rock, offering multiple packages that can allow you amazing stays, fully featured guided tours, hikes, and give you all of the amenities at the same time in order to get your unforgettable experience.

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