Gladiators Star Williams On Behind The Scenes Secrets Of 90s TV Classic

Gladiators became a cult classic in the 90s as fans fell in love with the light-hearted game show, but there was far from family-friendly behind the scenes. Gladiator star Michael Willson, fondly known as Cobra, spilled the behind-the-scenes beans to The Mirror.

But it would seem that some of those concerned really were ‘ready’ in more ways than one, after former Gladiators star Cobra lifted the lid on some of the late-night antics that the ‘young single fellas’ got up to.

Discussing what went on when the cameras stopped rolling, the TV star revealed the cast would regularly party and go on all-night booze fuelled benders.
And it wasn’t just drink that brought the Gladiators together as he admitted many of the single cast members would keeps their fellow Gladiators awake with their loud bedroom shenanigans.

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