Beginners guide to Online Lotteries in India

The lottery is a kind of gambling game that allows people to buy numbered tickets. After that, some numbers are chosen. The people who possess the chosen numbered tickets have announced the winners of prizes like money and other stuff. It is a game of luck.

Many state governments of India allows lottery even though there are gambling restrictions in India. The states decide if lotteries should be legal in any given state.

Online Lottery
Online Lottery

A Brief on Online Lotteries 

Sikkim State Lottery is the first one to sell online lotteries India has ever seen. However, not all people are able to play because of restrictions. The player has to be above eighteen years of age and be a citizen of Maharashtra, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and West Bengal. 

Online lotteries are easy to play, safe for the player, and the reward is more than traditional lotteries. The websites that sell lottery tickets are called lotto websites or lotto agents. These websites are European or American companies with licenses. The player has to be at least eighteen to play the games.

Why Go Online?

The biggest reason for going for the international lotteries is that the prize money is higher than the Indian lottery prizes. Indian lotteries usually are drawn once a year, where international ones are drawn twice a week. 

  • Indian Lottery prizes are usually something between ten to two hundred lakhs. On the other hand, international lottery prizes are always in crores. International lotteries have more options in the types of games than Indian lotteries.
  • Contrary to people’s beliefs, international lottery websites are very safe. Online lottery websites usually have licenses, which mean that the government investigates them. 
  • The law regarding gambling is quite strict, and they are always under the Indian government authority’s surveillance. If they do not give away the prize money, or something else goes wrong, they will definitely lose their license. 

Online Lotteries: Buying Guides for Customers

Buying online lottery is easy, but research is vital before someone decides to play with an international lotto website. 

  1. Sign up for a site. 
  2. Fill out personal information. 
  3. Submit the details, and Your Account will be generated.

The lottery tickets can be bought with the money in the player’s account. The deposit can be made with Visa, Debit or Credit Cards or Online Money App like PayPal, Amazon Pay, PayTM, etc.

Concluding Note

Online lotteries are a step ahead of the traditional Indian paper lotteries. Even though it is a game of luck, the player can always correct their mistakes so that their chance of winning increases. So, good luck and enjoy gambling. Don’t be disheartened if you lose the first round.

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