Appsumo Deals: List of November 2019 Appsumo Offers

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AppSumo Deals & Review: AppSumo without any doubt one of the top-notch lifetime deal websites. Sumolings love every deal that gets launched via AppSumo every month. Dozens of tools will be always available and we periodically covering AppSumo review of each and every deals. For Sumolings, AppSumo is a well-known and mainstream website. But for newbies, AppSumo is a website that collaborate with SAAS tools and launch Lifetime deals for the best product to help small business entrepreneurs.

AppSumo Deals

The best thing with appsumo deal is that customer only needs to purchase the tool by paying a one-time fee whereas the tool actually have a monthly subscription fee. Those who missed Appsumo deal will pay the company on a monthly basis and these fellow Sumolings, who bought the deal from AppSumo during the deal time will enjoy the product lifetime without paying any extra dime.

That’s the specialty of AppSumo deals, that’s why sumolings always love buying new appsumo deals.

The company is one of the earliest SAAS deal launchers and have been in the field for more than 9 years now. The company was founded in March 2010 by Noah Kagan. From there, the company never fails to find interesting products and launching the deal on their website.

Tons of SAAS deals have been sold by AppSumo and more than 90% of those companies are still live. That is a really big win as the company always research who is working behind the product, and the team and then thinks about launching a deal in their site.

November 2019 AppSumo Deals

This month again AppSumo comes up with a lot of new deals for Sales & Marketing tools, Web Builder tools, Design tools, Audio & Video tools, Analytics & Reporting tools, IT tools, Productivity tools and even some free tools to develop small and medium entrepreneurs business.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Switchy AppSumo Deal – Boost conversions with custom retargeting links

What can you do with Switchy? Manage client landing pages with a simple, white-labeled solution

Switchy Discount price: $39 — Lifetime Access — Normally $2,400.00!

Switchy Features:

  • Shorten, customize, and track your links to boost social media engagement
  • Retarget everyone who clicks on your links with ultra-segmented ads on social media, Google Ads, Quora, and more
  • Manage all your links and UTMs in organized folders with up-to-date analytics
  • Best for: Marketing agencies, advertisers, and growth hackers who want to manage and track their retargeting links

Buy Switchy

ClickMinded AppSumo Deal – master SEO & increase your traffic

What is Clickminded: Master organic search and increase your traffic

Clickminded Discount price: $149 — Lifetime Access — Normally $1,285.00!

Clickminded AppSumo Features:

  • Learn SEO from the most comprehensive course on the market
  • Drive more traffic and sales from search engines as quickly as possible
  • Get over-the-shoulder walkthroughs that show you exactly how to implement SEO strategies
  • Best for: Marketers, business owners, and agencies who want to get more traffic with SEO

Buy Clickminded SEO Course for $149

SendFox AppSumo Deal – Email marketing tool

What is SendFox: It is for content creators to compose and send unlimited customized emails.

SendFox Discount price: 80% off (Deal value is $240), AppSumo Price is $49 for Lifetime Access

SendFox Features:

  • SendFox combines automation and customization to help you create simple, beautiful, and effective emails.
  • SendFox helps you cover all the important marketing bases from forms and CRM to email campaigns and integrations.
  • Build simple, branded emails and landing pages to grow your business

Buy SendFox

Vaizle AppSumo Deal – get your competitor’s social media analytics

What is Vaizle: Get social media analytics on your competitors with Vaizle

Vaizle Discount price: $69 — 1 Year of Access — Normally $828.00!

Vaizle Features:

  • Spy on your competitors and get competitive social media analytics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Use actionable insights to improve your social media performance
  • Create and add comments to unlimited custom white-labeled reports
  • Yearly access for the discounted and locked price of $69; you can renew your plan annually for $69

Buy Vaizle for $69 per year

SocialBee AppSumo Deal – turnkey social media management

What is SocialBee: Build and host a WordPress site in minutes

SocialBee Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $468.00!

SocialBee Features:

  • Schedules posts across all major networks
  • Organize your content in categories for the best content mix
  • Save time with content automation, post variations, and evergreen recycling
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs who want more engagement and reach with less effort

Buy SocialBee for $49

Alli AI AppSumo Deal – AI for your SEO

What is Alli AI: Skyrocket your site to the top of search engines with AI

Alli AI Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $999.00!

Alli AI Features:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your site’s code and content
  • Three different link algorithms to match you with the best links for your website
  • AI grows with your business by continuously optimizing your best keywords
  • Marketers looking to get a leg up on the competition by using AI to simplify their SEO

Buy Alli AI for $49

Tooltip AppSumo Deal – create versatile in-app messaging campaigns

What is Tootip: Glow up your pop-ups with in-app messaging for easy customer communications

Tooltip Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $2,988.00!

Tooltip Features:

  • Quickly create versatile, in-app messaging campaigns for every user interface
  • Easily target the right user group based on their status and activity
  • Schedule campaigns ahead of time
  • Best for: Product managers and product marketers looking to communicate with users the easy way

Buy Tooltip for $49

Copywritely AppSumo Deal – take your SEO to the next level

What is Copywritely: Give your content the SEO makeover it deserves

Copywritely Discount price: $59 — Lifetime Access — Normally $180.00!

Copywritely Features:

  • Automatically proofread content for issues (plagiarism, readability, keyword stuffing, grammar) before you publish
  • Analyze data from competitors to create successful SERP-topping copy
  • Easily supervise content from your employees and freelancers
  • Best for: Bloggers, writers, editors, and site owners looking to optimize their content and climb the SERP

Buy Copywritely for $59

Influence AppSumo Deal – increase conversions with social proof

What is Influence: Increase conversions with the power of social proof

Influence Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $468.00!

Influence Features:

  • Attract visitors with real-time social proof notifications and increase trust and reliability in your brand
  • Use your existing social proof to generate more sales
  • Access real-time social proof notification metrics all on a slick dashboard
  • Best for: Marketers looking for an instant boost in conversions

Buy Influence for $49

ViaBill AppSumo Deal – Seamless customer financing for next-level merchants

What is ViaBill: Seamless customer financing for next-level merchants

ViaBill Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $1,499.00!

ViaBill Features:

  • Increase average basket size, conversion rate, and repeat purchases more than other payment methods
  • Remove fraud and credit-risks on transactions
  • Pay lower transaction fees compared to other customer financing solutions
  • Best for: Forward-thinking merchants who want to enable customers to pay their way

Buy ViaBill for $49

Web Builder Tools

AdPage AppSumo Deal – easily manage client landing pages

What is AdPage: Manage client landing pages with a simple, white-labeled solution

AdPage Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $1,740.00!

AdPage Features:

  • Create landing pages for clients in minutes with a fully white-labeled builder equipped with your brand logo and colors
  • Give site visitors an instant loading experience with ultra-fast page speeds from Amazon Cloudfront Technology
  • Create forms, quizzes, and payments (coming soon!) that maximize conversions
  • Best for: Design agencies and freelancers who want an easy way to create and manage client landing pages

Buy AdPage for $49

10Web AppSumo Deal – easy-to-use WordPress site builder

What is 10Web Hosting: Build and host a WordPress site in minutes

10Web Discount price: $69 — Lifetime Access — Normally $240.00!

10Web Hosting Features:

  • Build you WordPress site on top of Elementor using 50+ premium 10Web plugins
  • Automatically move your existing site to 10Web’s super fast hosting with a single click; hosting powered by Google Cloud
  • Connect your WordPress site to use backup, security, SEO, image optimization, performance services, and management features
  • Best for: Web developers, site designers, and small businesses looking for a simple way to host and build WordPress sites

Buy 10Web for $69

CivicFeed AppSumo Deal – create better content with social listening

What is CivicFeed: Media monitoring + social listening = better digital content

CivicFeed Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $888.00!

CivicFeed Features:

  • Monitor online news, blogs, and social sites with alerts for mentions relevant to you
  • Track journalists and publications with ease using a database that helps you build media lists
  • Get detailed analytics that identify media trends over time
  • Best for: Communication and digital PR professionals wanting to track their brand and stay on top of the competition

Buy CivicFeed for $49

LoginPress AppSumo Deal – build stylish and secure login pages

What is LoginPress: Login pages meet style and security with LoginPress

LoginPress Discount price: $39 — Lifetime Access — Normally $149.00!

LoginPress Features:

  • Customize login forms and get live previews, changing anything from logos to backgrounds to text fields
  • Generate magic login URLs with no need for a password, rename your login page URL, and limit/track login attempts
  • Redirect users based on their roles and usernames, log in with social media, and add a login widget into your blog sidebar
  • Best for: Freelancers, bloggers, agencies, and those looking to jazz up and secure their login pages

Buy LoginPress for $39

BirdSeed AppSumo Deal – A twelve-tool platform for maximum website engagement

What is BirdSeed: A twelve-tool platform for maximum website engagement

BirdSeed Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $1,188.00!

BirdSeed Features:

  • Increase engagement with 12 powerful tools to attract visitors and gain customers
  • Provide useful info with FAQs, on-demand videos, and links. Plus, establish credibility with testimonials, roadmaps, and surveys
  • Make it easy to get in touch with live chat, call resources, meeting scheduling, email subscriptions, and contact forms
  • Best for: Site owners looking to drive more traffic and engage customers

Buy BirdSeed for $49

Design Tools

StockUnlimited Lifetime Deal – choose from over 1 million stock images

What is StockUnlimited: An endless library of dazzling stock content as far as the eye can see

StockUnlimited Discount price: $49 — 3 Years of Access — Normally $684.00!

StockUnlimited Features:

  • Choose from over 1 million royalty-free assets that include graphics, photos, fonts, and icons
  • Browse a huge selection of audio files for your music and sound effect needs
  • Customize and edit images for social media with the StockUnlimited Editor
  • Best for: Freelancers, start-ups, and bloggers looking for beautiful images at a fraction of the cost

Buy StockUnlimited for $49

Audio & Video Tools

InVideo AppSumo Deal – create professional-quality videos in minutes

What is Invideo: Cutting-edge tool for videos that won’t end up on the cutting room floor

InVideo Discount price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $600.00!

InVideo Features:

  • Create stunning professional-level videos in minutes with pre-made templates for all your needs
  • Access InVideo’s media library filled with millions of beautiful images, videos, and music
  • Trim clips, crop frames, loop video, and tons more with additional Advanced Editing options
  • Best for: Marketers, media companies, and any business that wants to create marketing videos

Buy InVideo for $49

Analytics & Reporting Tools

Datagran AppSumo Deal – simplify your business growth with an elegant data workspace

What is Datagran: Reach blissful harmony between your data and your operations with an all-in-one AI data workspace

Datagran Discount price: $49 — 2 Years of Access — Normally $2,388.00!

Datagran Features:

  • Simplify your business growth with a workspace that lets you integrate, deduplicate with ML, and analyze data
  • Automatically classify your buyers, Predict and figure out your personas, and convert them into custom or lookalike audiences
  • Place and optimize your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Also, create email campaigns based on your clusters
  • Gain insights and test out your paid and organic campaigns with deep learning

Buy Datagran for $49

IT & Productivity Tools – AppSumo Deals

Krisp AppSumo Deal – mute background noise for maximum productivity

What is Krisp: Mute background noise on calls for maximum productivity

Krisp Discount price: $39 — Lifetime Access — Normally $120.00!

Krisp Features:

  • Speak without noise — remove all outgoing background noise to other call participants
  • Listen clearly — remove all incoming background noise from other call participants
  • Integrates with over 600 apps as well as any headphones, speakers, and microphones
  • Best for: Remote teams, digital nomads, freelancers, podcasters, and anyone who conferences into calls

Buy Krisp for $39

Coassemble AppSumo Deal – easy-to-use employee learning platform

What is Coassemble: Educate employees with an intuitive, easy-to-use learning platform

Coassemble Discount price: $79 — Lifetime Access — Normally $2,388.00!

Coassemble Features:

  • Create interactive training for your team in minutes
  • Brand your training to match your business look and feel
  • Integrate the apps you use every day (Gmail, Slack, and Mailchimp) with your Learning Management System
  • Best for: Founders, managers, and HR professionals who want to rapidly and easily share knowledge within their organization

Buy Coassemble for $79

Passcamp AppSumo Deal – easy and secure password management

What is Passcamp: Securely and easily manage passwords for yourself and your team

Passcamp Discount price: $39 — 1 Year of Access — Normally 73.00!

Passcamp Features:

  • Store and share passwords, add members and manage access in a super-secure platform
  • Generate the strongest password possible in just one click
  • Access, copy, and auto-fill your passwords with a browser extension
  • Annual access to PassCamp with a discounted and locked price

Buy Passcamp for $39


AppSumo Free Deals

Along with the above paid lifetime deals, AppSumo also providing free deals,

TrackMySubs – take control of your subscription payments
StreamSkill – easily master Photoshop elements
Giving Docs – easily create and manage wills
ClickMinded Checklist – climb search rankings with this SEO checklist
AppSumo Study – learn AppSumo’s secret marketing playbook
Slack Growth Study –  learn Slack’s multi-million dollar marketing strategy

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