Watch Mark Selby 145 Break in the China Open Final

Watch Mark Selby 145 Break In the China Open Final

Reigning world champion, world number one, German Masters Winner and now also  China Open champion. Mark Selby is surely hitting his stride. 

Mark Selby stormed to victory in the China Open with 10-2 over Gary Wilson. The world champion produced a fast and solid game of snooker, leaving his opponent speechless. Selby is well known as a great break builder with more than 350 century breaks in his career and the China Open final was the perfect stage to show his talents again. Selby made a beautiful 145 break to win frame seven and banish opponent Gary Wilson’s desire for the title. Hopefully Mark will be able to keep up with this good form in the 2015 World Snooker Championship in Sheffield. Enjoy the video.