Ken Doherty

Ken Doherty- has been world amateur (1989) and world professional champion (1997).

Ken Doherty- has been world amateur (1989) and world professional champion (1997).

Date of Birth: 17 September 1969

Country: Ireland

Nickname: The Darlin’ of Dublin, Crafty Ken, Ken-do

Highest Break: 147

Tournament Wins:

Ranking 6

Non-Ranking 16

World Champion 1997

Ken Doherty is an Irish professional snooker player and radio presenter. He is the one of only two players to have been world amateur (1989) and world professional champion (1997).

He was also World Under-21 champion in 1989. As a prolific break-builder, Doherty has compiled more than 300 century breaks in professional competition.

Despite being most renowned as an intelligent tactician, he is a heavy scorer when in around the balls at close quarters.[34] This relatively cautious approach has led to the nickname “Crafty Ken”.

Doherty’s early career had begun with practice in Jason’s of Ranelagh, Dublin, where he used to play handicap snooker tournaments on Saturday mornings before moving on to national level. This club closed in 2006 and he now practises in a Dublin hotel.

In his first national event, an U-16 ranking tournament, Doherty lost in the final but would come back a month later and beat the man who had beaten him in the Irish U-16 National Championships.

Doherty has played his entire career with a warped cue randomly selected from the cue rack in his local snooker club, Jason’s. Doherty humorously revealed that the club manager originally wanted £5 for it but Doherty haggled him down to £2.

Ken Doherty explains, “It’s warped. I must be one of the few professionals playing with a warped cue, but I wouldn’t dream of changing it. I have got used to holding it in a certain way, with my eye trained on a piece of grain.”

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