Robertson Progresses to World Snooker Championships Last 8

Former world champion Neil Robertson crushed Ali Carter in the World Snooker Championship’s second round match. He faces Barry Hawkins in the quarter-final.

The 2010 world champion Neil Robertson performed an impressive game of snooker. He scored well throughout the championship against both opponents.

After defeating Jamie Jones 10-2 in the first round match, Robertson met The Captain Ali Carter for the second round match, managing to maintain his snooker form.

The Aussie scored three century breaks of – 143, 109 and 133 in the first round match, he added four more centuries against Ali Carter – 129, 115, 119 and a superb tournament highest break of 145 in the last frame of the match to finish with a smashing 13-5 victory over Carter.

Robertson will meet the 2013 runner-up Barry Hawkins for the quarter-final match

“When the draw came out and I was due to play Ali,” said Robertson “I thought it was the toughest secondary seed (out of top-8) because of his history here, couple of finals and semi-finals, Ali always saves his best snooker for The Crucible.”

He Added:”13-5 is a tremendous scoreline to win against Ali but I thought the first session I played very well to lead 6-2 and yesterday (Sunday) his safety was brilliant but I responded very well.”

“It was just about keeping the pressure on and to build an 11-5 lead overnight which is nearly impossible to come back from.”

“A 143 break wasn’t quiet safe enough, so edging up by 2 every time, maybe 147 next, who knows?”

“When you’re 12 -5 up it’s nearly impossible to lose so if i could have cracked a 147 then it would have been great but I just wanted to secure the frame, I wanted an early night.  Game of Throne is later on, very pleased with 145, not too greedy.”

“Very pleased to finish up the match like that, because obviously the crowd was right behind [Carter] tonight. The crowd is always with the underdog no matter what, all the way through.”

Neil Robertson - With the 2010 trophy, can he do it again?

Neil Robertson – With the 2010 trophy, can he do it again?