Basic Snooker Rules

Snooker has been around  for over a century, and is played by people at any age. Millions of people play and watch snooker, with the rules being the same all over the world its very easy to pick up a cue and start potting some balls. So, let’s start with the basic rules of snooker.


The Points-

The players score points for every ball potted to the pocket the player with the most points at the end win.

The Snooker Table Official Size-

6 Feet wide- 1.86m

12 Feet long- 3.7m

The Snooker Balls-

Total of twenty two balls-

1- White ball (Cue ball)

15- Red balls- 1 Point each

1- Yellow ball- 2 Points

1- Green ball- 3 Points

1- Brown ball- 4 Points

1- Blue ball- 5 Points

1- Pink ball- 6 Points

1- Black ball- 7 Points


Snooker Table- Balls Value

Snooker Table- Balls Value


-The general rule of snooker is that the player must pot a red ball before potting a colored ball, the choice of colors is always the player to make. Red-Color-Red-Color etc.

-When a red ball is potted it stays in the pocket.

-When a colored ball is potted it’s taken out and placed on its spot, its the same spot for that color at every time.

-When the players potting all of the red balls, the game concludes with the potting of the colored balls in the order of their values- Lowest-Highest, Yellow-Green-Brown-Blue-Pink-Black, at this stages the colored ball remains in the pocket.

Starting a Snooker Game-

A snooker game begins with balls set up in their proper positions. (see draw)

The Break Off-

The break off begins by placing the cue ball in or within the lines of the D section at the top of the table.


Watch the video below for a better snooker understanding-


You can also find the Official Snooker Rules in

Good Luck.